Protecting Dallas Public Spaces From Bomb Blasts With Window Films

Dallas a great place to call home and a city that is relatively safe as well.   So, bomb attacks are hardly something one would associate with our city. However, terrorists do not discriminate in their attacks and sadly look for any “soft target” to strike–Dallas included.  The answer to this threat is to prepare for the worst case scenario to avoid the potential devastation of a bomb attack. A sound strategy is to take precautionary steps to keep our community safe like installing bomb blast window film on public and commercial spaces.  Stadiums, schools, transit stations and retail centers are all places bomb blast window film would well serve and mean a safer Dallas for us all.

What Is Bomb Blast Window Film?

Bomb blast window film is part of our security window film family here at Dallas Window Film.  It works by reinforcing glass windows and doors and making them resistant to the force of a bomb.  However, there is more to this type of protection than just the film. To get the real durability needed to withstand something as intense as a bomb blast, these films are used in coordination with an extremely high-tech adhesive called C-bond.  A seemingly simple adhesive, C-Bond is actually nano-engineered to make glass more flexible and stronger on a molecular level. Also used in coordination with specialty window framing systems, bomb blast films keep glass in place after a bomb blast, providing one of the highest levels of blast protection possible.

How Does Bomb Blast Window Film Protect From Dallas  Bombs?

When a bomb is detonated,  shards of glass, even-tempered glass, explode into innocent bystanders doing horrible damage.  In fact, casualties and injuries from flying glass are the most common in this type of scenario.  This is because when pieces of glass, even tempered glass, are propelled by something as powerful, they become thousands of deadly weapons and are devastating to human life. However, with bomb blast window film, adhered with C-Bond, inside a specialty window frame, the glass is kept in place on the film and does not explode outward to maim and kill.  The simple precaution of bomb blast window film significantly cuts down on the devastation of a bomb attack, reducing deaths and injuries and ultimately making Dallas a safer place to live.

For more information on bomb blast film watch the video below:

Window Film Dallas For Your Bomb Blast Film Needs

Window Film Dallas is a company well-versed in safety films from bomb blast to bullet resistant.  We carry and are equipped to apply the best security films on the market today and will consult with you thoroughly on your locations security needs. For more information on how to keep your Dallas business, public space or home safe from bombs, guns, and even natural disasters, contact us today for a free consultation.

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