Protect What Matters with Safety & Security Window Film

No one ever suspects danger. But when disaster strikes, the consequences can be devastating. Keep the people and things that matter in your life out of harm’s way with security window film. Security window film helps Dallas home and business owners stay protect their building and the people inside from accidents and unexpected danger.

Accident Protection

You never know when a random golf ball or piece of construction equipment could come flying at your windows. While it’s impossible to predict or control these types of situations, you can be prepared for them. Security window film prevents your windows from being penetrated in the event of an accident and mitigates damage caused by broken glass.

Break-In Defense

Window film increases the security of your building and protects your property from smash and grabs and burglaries. It holds broken glass in place to make entry difficult for intruders, giving the police extra time to arrive on the scene. Security window film is a solution that works 24/7, providing you with peace of mind at all hours.


Vandalism has become an increasing issue for many neighborhoods in Dallas. Not only does all this graffiti look unsightly, but it also creates unnecessary expense in repairs for property owners. Anti-graffiti film offers an affordable way to conceal graffiti and protect the surfaces of your building from being damaged by vandalism. Available for metal, glass, mirrored, and other smooth, nonporous surfaces.

Ballistic Resistance

C-Bond systems are a revolutionary technology that’s only recently come into existence. C-Bond is a window film primer that’s designed to strengthen glass to make it more resistant to ballistic forces. Due to its incredible effectiveness, C-Bond is quickly becoming the leading choice in security systems for many schools, churches, and government buildings. Ballistic resistant security film has many benefits, including:

  • Slows down bullets that are 9mm or lower caliber
  • Provides additional response time
  • Helps deter intruders
  • Invisible, passive 24/7 protection
  • Includes all of the same benefits as standard security film
  • Includes bomb blast protection
  • Available with one-way shooting capabilities

Bomb Blast

Bomb blast window film is a specialty security film that offers better impact resistance to higher impact events. With the ability to absorb the shockwave from explosions, natural disasters, and more, bomb blast window film is perfect for Dallas commercial properties that can hold hundreds to tens-of-thousands of guests.

Install Security Window Film: Keep danger at bay and protect your building by installing security window film. Call Window Film Dallas today to receive an estimate or get more information.