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Can I Get Clear Energy Efficient Window Film in Dallas or Does It Have to Be Tinted?

July 29, 2021 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

Energy efficient window films have gained a lot of popularity in the last ten years. People are realizing that there are a lot of benefits to window tinting and that they no longer have to rely on curtains or blinds to control heat and glare.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of misconceptions. One of these is that some people think that all window films are tinted. This is, in fact, false. Below, we’ve explored this topic better and discussed clear energy efficient window films in detail.

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What is RF Blocking Window Film?

May 23, 2021 in Aggrigate, UV/UVB/ RF Blocking Window Tint

Here in a relatively large city like Dallas, there are radio frequency (RF) waves bombarding us at all times from various sources. This is true in almost any city due to population density and technology. As such, usually the closer you are to a city center the more RF you are exposed to. While this type of wave is for the most part harmless–some people react poorly to it and in large doses, close, consistent doses there is some anecdotal evidence it could cause harm. It also poses a security threat to your Dallas home or business. Read below to find out more

RF Blocking Window Film for Better Health

RF radiation could be detrimental to health because of the low-energy type of wave it is. It is not high energy like other types of waves like “non-ionizing radiation”/infrared and visible light. However, it carries more energy than more harmless rays frequency radiation types. This type of wave typically can cause heat in the body, especially when a person is nearby for an extended amount of time to a tower or radio source. This could, potentially cause harm to the human body but no research is clear as to how much if at all. So, to be clear, these waves should not be considered extremely harmful to humans at this time. As mentioned.. anecdotally, there is a vague link to RF exposure and poor human health conditions like headaches, ear ringing, and blurry vision. The closer to a radio broadcasting source someone live, the higher the chance that RF waves affect them and the solution to this could be RF blocking window film. It blocks these waves through when applied to windows of homes and businesses. Customers with this technology often report feeling better from this additional layer of RF protection

RF Blocking Window Film for Better Cyber Security

In regards to security. RF films have long been used by companies, specifically those who work for or are part of the US government. RF window films allow them to protect very sensitive classified information from espionage. However, in a new digital era, this type of film is being deployed to protect the digital information entering and leaving homes in Dallas and other cities across the US. It very well could become a new reality. This is because windows without RF protection are proving to be susceptible to cyber intrusion and hacking of wifi and/or wireless networks. The way RF window films protect is by stopping the intrusion at the source– your windows. Typically RF penetration through building materials is not very good–so criminals target glass windows to gather sensitive data. Although these films are not commonly used in homes in Dallas, for companies that need very high cyber-security protection they are used frequently and have been for some time: military, military contractors, and cyber companies. Over the next decade or some other businesses may very well be adopted RF Blocking window film technology too. Any company that handles secure information like banks, government agencies and even healthcare organizations are all targets for cybercriminals. Also, as the number of people working from home increases, RF films may become the new norm for those who work with large amounts of private data.

For more information on what RF Blocking Window Film can and can’t do–reach out to us today for a free, onsite consultation

Does Heat Rejection Window Film Really Work? A Testimonial 

May 6, 2021 in Aggrigate, Window Tinting Case Studies

One of our main goals here at the Scottish family of companies is good service and good products. This is what has allowed us to grow into a family of companies all across the US. Because we strive for excellence in how we treat people and insist on only carry high-performing potent films–we find we get customers who want to give us reviews and testimonials from time to time. Truth be told–we love it when this happens and we love to share them! Not only because we are proud but also in the hopes people who have similar issues with their windows may find a solution through these real-life testimonials and reviews.  Read one such testimonial from one of our happy Denver customers who worked with parent company Scottish Window Tinting. 

Heat-Reducing Window Tint Customer Testimonial

The heat that transfers through windows in homes and businesses can become problematic depending on which room of the house it will cause different issues. We get a lot of calls about it here in Dallas since it is a fairly hot climate–but this particular request came from Denver–where the sun is also very hot.  Not to mention,  the pandemic has definitely magnified residential issues with heat from windows since people have been working from home.  Read below on how this played out in the summer of 2020 for one of our recent glare and heat-reducing window film clients.

The Heat-Rejecting Window Film Client: Small Business owner Alisa Nicolace

Our recent customer had an incredibly problematic issue of excessive heat coming from two southern-facing windows in their home office.  It made their space uncomfortably hot but also threatened to destroy the electronics she used for her business.

The Solar Heat Gain Problem:  Excessive heat coming from a southern facing window

In Her Own Words: 

Like a lot of people these days I run my business out of my home. Although I did work from home before the pandemic, I had just purchased a new home at the beginning of 2020.  As it turned out the office in my new home faced due south and got sunshine all day long.  For the first part of the year, the blinds seemed to work well enough in keeping out the sun, but it wasn’t too long (Mid-February?) that I realized how hot the room got during the day–even in the winter.  By April the heat was uncomfortable and by May I knew I would need a solution.  This was true for two reasons.

  1. Because even with my swamp cooler running all day–my office still stayed relatively hot.  I ran the fan constantly too but still found my workspace too uncomfortable to be productive in the heat of the day (from about 11 pm-3 pm).  I ended up working in my living room or kitchen but lost time running back and forth to my office to complete my workflow.  I started wondering why I even bought a home with an office if I couldn’t use it for half the year!
  2.  Because my business equipment (an Epilog Laser) had to be placed by a window for ventilation–it sat in the sun all day and got hot–like really hot–over 90 degrees just from the sun through the windows.  The blinds, which had helped with the glare did almost nothing for the actual temperature around the window.  I ended up having to move this equipment, plus my desk, computer, and printer to one small corner of the room to keep them from overheating and needing to be replaced.  

The Solar Heat Gain Solution:  Llumar Window Tinting

In Her Own Words: 

As I said, I realized around May I needed a solution to the heat from the sun coming through the southern-facing room in my home office. I tried everything from blankets to a portable A/C unit ($250!) to moving my electronics, desk, and CNC laser to one side of the room. All these solutions had a big problem of some sort.  The blankets fell down, looked ugly, and did little to block the heat.  The A/C unit kept the room cold and did lower the temperature of the glass somewhat too. But it also made me really cold too.  Working in the room went from blazing hot to frigid and neither would do. Moving my electronics, desk, etc meant everything was crammed in one side of the room–making the little area that was cool enough.  That’s when I saw a blog about heat-reducing window tinting from Scottish and decided to explore that option too!

The Results of Llumar Heat-Reducing Window Tinting

In Her Own Words:

I called Scottish and got a quote for heat-reducing window film on the southern facing windows of my home that included my office and my husband’s office. They recommended Llumar heat-blocking window film because it blocks up to 80% of the heat coming through windows.  I was pretty skeptical at first and I was really worried about the windows looking dark or tinted. With their assurances that I wouldn’t lose transparency and my windows would look virtually the same–I decided to move forward.  You see, the cost of replacing my electronics from overheating due to sun exposure was far greater than the relatively small cost of window film  My installer arrived on time (actually a little early) which was great because I had a hair appointment that day and had only scheduled an hour for the service.  My installer explained everything he was going to do and got to work. It only took about 30 minutes for all four windows. The results were amazing.

Visual Results:  From the inside, the Llumar heat-blocking window film gave my windows a very slight but attractive light grey-ish silver color.  If I didn’t know the windows were tinted, I probably would have chalked it up to the way the sun was shining on them at that time of day.  From the outside, the window film actually gave my windows a bit of privacy–especially at night.  The look was very, very slightly silver and I could only see that on one window without a screen.  With the screen on the windows you can’t tell at all there is film on them.  I like having more privacy on these windows too because of all my expensive office electronics.

The Functional Results:  All I can say is wow!  Llumar heat-blocking window film window tinting is amazing.  The unbearable and dangerous (for my electronics) heat radiating off my windows is gone.  Even in the heat of the day in the middle of summer, I can comfortably sit right next to the window and not feel at all like I am in the sun.  I got rid of my blinds and put up some beautiful transparent white curtain panels from Ikea for decorative purposes only.  There is no need for curtains since the glare is completely gone.  I opted for a stronger heat-reducing window film because of the sensitive nature of my laser equipment, so it was a bit more expensive than most people would need but it sure was worth it!  The temperature of my windows at its peak is only about 60-degrees. This means my laser, my printer and two computers have moved back to in front of the winter and now I have room for a couch and still have more useable space now that the heat is gone!  I am so happy with the window film and the way Scottish does business.  I highly recommend window film as a solution for heat-rejecting and probably any other problem window film companies like Llumar claim to solve.  

Window Film for Your Heat-Reducing Window Film

This testimonial on heat-reducing window film shows how incredible and powerful window film for reducing heat and glare can be! To achieve results like these, quality window tints (like Llumar) need to be used.  They are vastly potent, so much so, they will be the last window film solution you will ever need for your home or business.  As a sister company of Scottish Window Tinting, we here at Window Film Dallas, also take pride in our work and in offering a fine selection of window films and tints.  Reach out to us today for a free window film consultation for your Dallas area home, office, or business today! 

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