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Commercial Solutions from Window Film Dallas

Window Film Dallas is the leading supplier of commercial window film in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Over the past two decades, we’ve partnered with hundreds of business owners in Dallas to help them find a solution to their architectural needs. Commercial window film offers a quick, budget-conscious way to enhance building security, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. We carry a wide selection of window film options for your business to choose from so that you get the exact look and results you want.

We work on commercial projects of all shapes and sizes.

From high rise office buildings to quaint cafes and restaurants, we work on a huge variety of commercial projects. Our commercial films offer benefits for businesses of all types and sizes. Check out the information below to learn more about industry-specific window film options that can improve your space. 


Window film helps office buildings save money, create private spaces, improve conference rooms, and protects employees and office equipment.

Offices >


Hotels are huge consumers of energy, especially in Dallas where the sun is constant. Window film helps hotels reduce energy costs and improve guest comfort.

Hotels >


Window film gives restaurants visual intrigue to attract new customers. It can also cut energy costs, enhance security, and protect bathrooms from vandalism.

Restaurants >


Hospitals can benefit from window film in a variety of ways. It provides patients with privacy, lowers energy costs, and makes hospitals safer.

Hospitals >


Window film protects retail merchandise, prevents surfaces from being damaged by graffiti, and saves business owners money. It’s great for malls and stores alike.

Retail >


Many schools and universities decide to invest in window film because it offers long term savings, looks beautiful, and protects staff and students.

Schools >

Mass Transit

Buses, light rails, bus stops, and airports are major targets for vandalism and violence. Window film offers security for mass transit systems and protects passengers.

Mass Transit >

Government Buildings

Government offices, police stations, and military bases all benefit from the many types of security and solar protection window films that we offer.

Government Buildings >


Window film adds beauty and style to museums and can also dramatically lower energy expenses. It’s perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces alike.

Museums >

Start exploring window film options for your office or commercial building today. Call the experts at Window Film Dallas to receive an estimate or get more information.