Solar Gard Window Film In Dallas

When it comes to life here beneath the notably intense Dallas sun, there simply is no better vehicle for making sure you stay comfortable at home and work than any one of Solar Gard’s window films.  This industry leader in window film offers a variety of films to solve nearly any issues you may be having relating to the windows of the places you work, live and relax. Solar Gard, of course, means more comfort but also, more safety and less money spent out of pocket too.

Solar Gard Window Film For Dallas Homes

Whether you want to lower cooling costs or to add insulation your Dallas home against the winter weather, Solar Gard makes amazing energy-efficient films.  They lower utility bills by up to 30%, meaning the ROI on these film only takes about 3-5 from savings alone. These films also protect the things you love the most: your family, your furnishings and your own health by blocking nearly 100% of harmful UV rays and offering an SPF of 285.  Best of all, these films are a carbon negative solution to comfortable living. So, when it comes to the environment, with Solar Gard, you become a small part of the solution instead of the growing pollution problem.

Solar Gard Window Film For Dallas Commercial Spaces

With Solar Gard you get the same energy savings in commercial spaces as you do with residential but commercially, where utility bills tend to be extremely high, the saving is magnified 10 fold.  Much of this savings comes through energy efficiency and the preservation of HVAC systems. When you reduce the frequent HVAC repairs and replacements that are a hallmark to large commercial spaces–you save big time.  Also, because these films allow your HVAC systems to work more efficiently–you get more comfort with less energy wasted. Other solutions unique to commercial spaces, like security, privacy, and graffiti mitigation are also included in that Solar Gard line of films.  Their security films delay intrusion and help prevent while their privacy films give you the secure workplace you need to thrive!

For more information on the numerous variety of Solar Gard films for nearly any issue related to the windows of your Dallas home/business, contact us at Window Film Dallas today!