Here in Dallas, it sometimes gets so hot that it feels almost impossible to walk even just a few blocks when the sun is shining strong. Besides light and heat, the sun also radiates ultraviolet rays that are known to be harmful. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using UV blocking window films to protect against these powerful rays. Here are the benefits of using UV blocking window film:

Stop UV Ray Damage To You And Your Home

90% of all skin cancers can be connected to UV radiation according to the Archives of Dermatology. We are at risk of UV radiation damage even when we are indoors if we are under direct natural light. Natural light can be filtered to be safe by using UV blocking window film so that you and your family reduce the risk of skin cancer. Those with solar sensitivity will be happy to know that these films can also be applied to their cars and offices as well.

UV blocking window films can also extend the life of your furniture, flooring, and works of art by reducing sun-related fading and discoloration. While these window films may simply look like a clear layer, they are in fact constructed with nano-technology to reject the sun’s infrared light.

Improve The Indoor Ambiance Of Your Dallas Home

When the sun is shining too brightly, it can be hard to see indoors, especially if you are trying to view something a screen, like your smartphone or computer monitor. You may reach out to close your curtains in order to reduce any glares, but sacrifice any natural light in the meanwhile. With UV blocking window film, you can have both natural light and glare-free screens in your home.

An overabundance of sunlight coming in may also mean you are uncomfortably warm at certain times of the day. UV blocking window film also limits excess heat from coming in through windows and glass doors so that there are no uncomfortable hot spots.

Cut On Energy Costs For Your Home

UV blocking window film reduces hot spots so that you can lower temperatures in your home without increasing energy costs for air conditioning. The amount you save on cooling your home could potentially pay off the cost of the window films in just a few years’ time.

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