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The Benefits of Window Film Are Far-Reaching

When most people think of window film, they think of the type of dark window tint that’s used for cars. But the reality is that it’s also widely used for architectural purposes. Home and business owners from all areas of Dallas can benefit from installing window film for their home, office, or commercial building. Window film can be used to save energy, make buildings safer, decorate interior and exterior surfaces, and more.

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Curious to know more? Check out the information below to learn all about the details of having window film for your home, office, or commercial building.

Decorative Film

Add privacy and style to the interior or exterior of your building with decorative film. Decorative film is a fashionable and affordable way to decorate your Dallas office or living space. It’s available in a wide range of styles and can even be custom printed.

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Fading Prevention Film

Keep furniture, fabric, artwork, and flooring in your home or office protected from the sun’s damaging rays with fade prevention film. Fade prevention film blocks out 99.9% uv radiation and keeps your belongings looking vibrant and beautiful.

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Solar Control Film

Stay cool and save money all year long with solar control film. Solar control film prevents excess heat from entering your windows and increases HVAC efficiency. Studies show solar control film can reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

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UV Blocking Film

UV radiation is one of the number one causes of skin and eye disease. Even though most people think they’re safe indoors, the fact is that uv light still comes in through your windows. UV blocking film keeps uv rays out of your building and protects your health.

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Safety & Security

Protect the things and people that matter most in life with safety and security window film. Safety and security film holds broken glass in place. It deters intruders and protects your building and occupants from being harmed by flying glass shards.

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RF Blocking

Are you concerned about the health risks of radiation exposure? You may be able to keep radiation out of your building with RF blocking window film. Our RF blocking films have a shielding effectiveness rate of up to 98% and are great for home and business use.

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Daylight Redirecting

Create a sunny, bright environment for your home or office with daylight redirecting film. Daylight redirecting film brings sunlight deeper into building interiors. Studies show that more sunlight can increase productivity, promote health, and raise student test scores.

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Find out today how you could benefit from window film. Call Window Film Dallas to speak to an expert about window film options for your home or business.