Llumar® Window Film: Leader in Optimal Clarity

Llumar® window film has offered innovative, state-of-the-art window film technology for over 60 years. With both residential and commercial applications, Llumar® has provided energy efficient, decorative, and security film solutions to building owners across the globe. We’re proud to be the preferred distributor of Llumar® films, delivering Dallas residents a trusted product that offers optimal clarity and high performance.

Llumar® Residential Film

Llumar® offers a great line of residential window film products designed to improve energy efficiency, save Dallas residents money, improve safety and security, as well as expand decorative applications. With a multitude of window film lines providing various, versatile benefits, Llumar® has the window film solution for you. Whether you’re looking to reduce glare in your high-rise condo in Uptown or add a beautiful interior wrap to your modern home in Preston Hollow, Window Film Dallas can help you find the perfect Llumar® product.

Llumar® Commercial Film

Llumar® provides great commercial window film solutions for Dallas business owners, designed to help save money, increase exterior aesthetics, offer brand visualization, and more. With a comprehensive selection of commercial applications, Llumar® has the right window film product for you. Whether you’re looking to add privacy to your conference rooms in your Downtown office or create custom door logos for your storefront in Trinity Groves, Window Film Dallas can work with you to find the perfect Llumar® solution.

Llumar® Window Film Products

Llumar® Decorative Window Films

Llumar® offers a diverse decorative window film selection for both residential and commercial spaces in Dallas. Decorative window film provides an affordable way to elevate interior design while providing practical applications as well. Decorative films can create more privacy, hide unsightly views, diffuse harsh light, as well as making design changes easier and quicker. Llumar®‘s decorative film collection includes:

  • Frost Decorative Window Film: mimics frosted glass, offering privacy and light control
  • Gradient Decorative Window Film: soft transitions from transparent to opaque, controlling what’s in view
  • Pattern Decorative Window Film: multitude of patterned films offering an unique, elegant look
  • Texture Decorative Window Film: simulates textured glass, costing a fraction of the price
  • Specialty Decorative Window Film: highly customizable with endless color options, providing privacy and light control

Llumar® Solar Window Films

Llumar® has designed an extensive collection of solar window films for Dallas homes and businesses. These innovative window film lines reflect heat, reduce fading, help lower energy costs, reduce glare, block UV rays, and increase indoor comfortability. The Llumar® solar window film series include various aesthetic appeals:

  • Reflective Window Film: provides glass a silvery, mirrored look with high solar, glare, and UV control
  • Dual-Reflective Window Film: mirrored exterior side with a subtle interior side, while offering significant solar control and optimal clarity
  • Harmony Window Film: high performance heat and glare reduction, while giving windows a warm, earthy tone
  • Ceramic Window Film: less reflective appearance and high solar control, with increased durability for harsher environments and weather extremes
  • Neutral Window Film: less reflective, neutral gray film that preserves your buildings look and natural amount of sunlight
  • Low-E Window Film: lower energy costs year round, offering insulation and solar control benefits

Llumar® Safety and Security Window Films

Llumar® delivers top-of-the-line safety and security window film solutions for all Dallas residential and commercial buildings. Llumar®‘s security films are engineered to help deter theft, improve shatter resistance, lessen accidental damage, protect from flying debris, reflect heat, and block UV rays. This multi-functional window films add premium security benefits and help save money:

  • Solar Safety and Security Film: all-in-one film that offers solar, safety, and security features
  • Clear Safety and Security Film: incredibly durable, providing an invisible shield of protection

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