San Angelos’ Leading Window Film Installer

At Window Film Dallas, we understand architecture. We know that in order for buildings to be energy efficient, they have to have quality windows. That’s why our commercial and residential window films are designed to maximize the energy efficiency of homes, offices, and schools in San Angelo. Our window films are affordable, beautiful, and cost effective and can be customized to meet the needs of all sizes and types of applications. From frosted solar control films that eliminate glare and UV rays while also creating privacy to advanced commercial films that provide energy efficiency and security all-in-one, we carry a full selection of window tinting options for your San Angelo property.

Security Window Systems

Security window films provide comfort and peace of mind for homeowners and properties that are at high risk to break ins and vandalism. Security window film is adhered to glass using a primer that bonds the glass and film together, fusing them as one, and making the glass stronger and more flexible. The result is a window that’s nearly indestructible, and impossible to break with a hammer or baseball bat. It’s perfect for schools, retail stores, apartments, and more.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film enhances the look and functionality of a building’s interior and exterior. Not only does it create privacy for personal offices and restrooms, but it’s also a great way to add interesting designs or branding elements to an entry or accent wall. From retail stores in the Sunset Mall to homes in Southland and the Bluffs, properties of all types in the San Angelo metro can benefit from window film.

Sun Control Window Film

When brutal summer heat hits San Angelo, you need to be able to retreat indoors to somewhere cool and comfortable. Our solar control window films provide maximum solar protection, allowing your home, office, or school to stay comfortable all summer long while also eliminating glare and uv radiation. Whether you’re looking for a solution that can protect the hardwood floors of your Buffalo Heights home or a way to improve the energy efficiency of your office on Concho Ave, our solar rejecting window films can meet your needs.

Daylight Redirecting Film

Recent research has shown that exposure to sunlight can have profound impact on the way our brains and bodies function. Offices with more sunlight are statistically more productive and classrooms that have plenty of natural light see higher test scores than those that are lacking. Daylight redirecting film provides San Angelo schools and offices with a way to increase the presence of sunlight in indoor spaces. Daylight redirecting film redirects the angle of incoming sunlight, allowing it to extend deeper into a room, so that everyone, no matter where their desk is located can enjoy the benefits.

Find out today how your home or office can benefit from window film. Call Window Film Dallas, the leading source in San Angelo for window film installation to speak to an expert about your needs.