Window Film Enhances Office Security, Privacy & More

Protect your business, cut energy expenses, and enhance the appearance of your building with office window film. Whether you operate out of a high rise building downtown or own a small, intimate office space in Dallas, your building is sure to benefit from window film. It offers a way to protect your employees and office furniture, increase productivity rates, add privacy to conference rooms or meeting areas, and more. Just check out the information below to see how window film can help your business.

Reduce Energy Costs

Energy costs can take a toll on your business, but they don’t have to. Window film offers an easy way to reduce energy costs for your office or commercial building. According to the U.S. EIA, office buildings consume the most energy out of any commercial structure. This can total hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. Window film cuts energy expenses by up to 30%. It saves office managers money and makes employees happier and more comfortable.

Protect Your Business

It’s not uncommon for business managers in Dallas to experience problems with graffiti, theft, or violence. Not only do these threats place you and your employees in jeopardy, but they can also cause serious physical damage to your office building. Window film offers office buildings an easy way to stay safe and secure 24 hours a day. Our security films offer comprehensive protection and can ward off everything from intruders and vandals to the most serious forms of devastation.

Add Privacy & Decoration

Revamp your office interior or add logos to your front door with decorative window film. Decorative window is a great choice for creating privacy in conference rooms, huddle spaces, and personal offices. It can also be used to display your business name or logo throughout the interior or exterior of your building. Decorative film can be printed in any style or appearance you like including custom graphics, logos, and text.

Get started on your office renovations today. Call Window Film Dallas to schedule an appointment to have window film installed for your office or receive an estimate for your project.