An Extensive Selection of Window Film for Government Buildings

Window Film Dallas is proud to serve the government buildings and offices in Dallas and the surrounding area. We carry one of the widest selections of commercial window film available in the Dallas metropolitan area and are one of the most trusted window film installers in Texas. Our window films provide government offices with better security, energy savings, and more. Just check out the information below to learn more about the benefits.

Maximum Security

If your government building contains expensive equipment, sensitive files, or valuable items, then you may require a higher level of security. With a security window system, you can protect your building from theft and intrusion and keep your employees safe. Security window film holds broken glass fast in place, deterring unwelcome visitors from entering the building. It’s a great choice for police stations, courthouses, and other government buildings.

Serious Savings

Keep your government office at a comfortable temperature and save money with energy saving film. It can be difficult for employees to concentrate and get their work done if it’s too hot and uncomfortable inside your building. But turning up the AC can have serious consequences for your energy bill. With energy saving film, you can prevent excess heat from entering your building and keep your employees comfortable regardless of the weather outdoors.

Boost Productivity

Create natural brightness in your workplace and increase profits with daylight redirecting film. Daylight redirecting film extends the reach of sunlight further into your building. Studies show that more sunlight in an office can increase workplace productivity, lower absenteeism rates, and decrease costs for artificial light. Both employees and managers benefit from the natural brightness created by daylight redirecting film.

Start planning your project today. Call Window Film Dallas to receive an estimate on window film installation for your government building or schedule a consultation.