Window Film Protects Transit Systems & Passengers

For transit centers, keeping passengers safe and comfortable is top priority. But in today’s world where violence, crime, and terrorism is on the rise, this can be difficult to accomplish. That’s why you need the right security system in place. With window film, buses, airports, light rails, and trains in Dallas can stay safe and protected from all types of danger. Window film works 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, providing round the clock protection.

Protect Passengers

Protect the safety and privacy of your passengers with window film. Privacy window film can help your passengers feel comfortable and relaxed during the travels aboard your transit system or through your building. It can be used for both building interior and exterior surfaces as well as private screening rooms. And with a strong security window system in place, you can keep your passengers safe from all types of danger.

Prevent Vandalism

Bus stops, light rails, subways, and trains are all a major target for graffiti. Costs from repairing surfaces damaged by graffiti are often expensive as they usually involve replacement of the entire structure. But not with anti graffiti film. Anti graffiti film covers up paint, marker, and other forms of graffiti and protects the underlying surface from damage. It’s a long term and affordable solution to preventing vandalism.

Solar Defense

Protect your transit system from the sun with solar protection film. Solar protection film protects passengers and transit center employees from harmful uv radiation. UV rays are the number one cause of skin and eye disease and are hugely detrimental to human health. Window film blocks out 99.9% of uv radiation, keeping travelers and staff members safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

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