3M™ Window Film: A Time-Tested Brand You Can Trust

3M is a household name in many products, not just window film and for a good reason–they are a proven brand you can trust. Their excellence in window film comes from the fact that they have over five decades of experience in the industry and have been largely responsible for many of the innovations we see today. They have some of the highest standards for their tinting products and subject them to rigorous testing as well. This ensures their products will accomplish what is promises to do and you can rest assured it will improve your quality of life and save you money. As a world leader in window film technology, 3M is essentially paving the way to better tomorrow through energy conservation and protection for the homes and commercial spaces it serves.  

3M Window Film for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings

From small single family homes to large multi-unit high-rises, window film has dramatic and lasting benefits anywhere the technology is adopted.  Its benefits range from something as simple as saving money to something as incredible as saving lives.  Nearly any issue you are having with the windows in your home or business can likely be remedied using 3M window film.  Check out the incredible benefits for residential and commercial applications below.

The cost of energy to consumers and our planet are going up and up. 3M window film is a way to decrease your reliance on energy and put more money in your pocket each month. Whether you are looking to save money in your business or home, 3M window technology is the way to cut back by as much as 20% on your annual energy expenditure.

Energy Saving Benefits Include: ROI in as little as 3 years, LEEDS tax credit eligibility, Year round savings no matter what climate you live in

Whether at home or work, 3M window film will keep the climate of your structure more comfortable and livable. From eliminating hot spots and cold spots to reducing glare 3M window film is the technology you need to live a better, healthier more profitable life.

3M Window Film Increases Comfort By: Rejecting heat and reducing hot, Reducing intense glare, Increasing insulation and virtually eliminating cold spots

Accidents and natural disasters happen all the time and usually involve injuries due to glass shards. While you can’t stop accidents and natural disasters, you can prepare for them by having window film installed, which turns regular glass into safety glass. Not only does window film protect people in your home or commercial office from being injured by glass, it is also much less expensive than retrofitting windows with tempered glass and will allow you to comply with building codes as well. 

We live in an era where bulletproof and bombproof glass is more of a necessity than ever before, as terrorism and gun violence are on the rise.  While no glass is truly bulletproof or bombproof, windows equipped with 3M security film, C-bond adhesive, and special attachment frames are about as close as you can get.  When these windows are struck by a bullet, a bomb or other high-impact force, they shatter but do not give way, protecting the people inside from exploding glass and giving them precious time to escape until help arrives.

Privacy is a premium in this day and age both at work and home. Applying 3M window film on your windows gives you the privacy you need to keep prying eyes out of your home or sensitive areas of your office, with no loss of clarity to those behind the windows. These films can also be used as decorative accents and come in frosted, textured and patterned finishes.

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