Window Film Makes Museums Safe, Fun & Eco-Friendly

Dallas has some amazing museums dedicated to art, science, and various aspects of American history. Unfortunately, like those in every big city, our museums are presented with some unique challenges. High energy costs, the constant potential for thievery, and vandalism threaten the well being of the museums that Dallas residents love. Window film offers a solution to these issues and many other benefits. Window film conserves energy, lowers operating costs, and protects museum guests and artifacts. Find out more about the benefits of window film for museums by reading the information below.

Protect Art & Exhibits

Museums contain valuable items that are important to history and humankind. For this reason, they are often targeted by thieves and are always at high risk to robbery. But not with security window film. Security window film prevents museum windows from being smashed and broken and deters intruders. It provides a high level of protection for museum exhibits, art, and visitors, making it the ultimate security system. UV blocking window film offers a necessary solution for safeguarding art and expensive investments from permanent sun damage.

Create Signs & Graphics

Give your museum a touch of artistic flare and add color to your walls with decorative window film. Decorative film is great for creating interesting graphics and professional looking signage to put on the walls, doors, and windows of your museum. It can be printed with any graphic, color, or text you desire and can be custom made to fit any space. With decorative film, you can wow your guests and make your museum look fun and interesting.

Go Green & Save Green

Museums require a large amount of space for exhibits and therefore can be costly to heat and cool throughout the year. Not only is all this resource consumption bad for your pocketbook, but it’s also detrimental to the environment. With window film, you can make your museum more energy efficient and save money. Window film reduces energy costs by up to 30% and has an average ROI of 3 years. It’s the perfect energy saving solution.

Find out today how your museum could benefit from window film. Contact Window Film Dallas for a free consultation. We’ll visit you onsite to help you determine what window film option will work best for your building. Call now to schedule an appointment!