Solar Control Film Saves up to 30% on Energy Costs

Solar control film for your Dallas home or business is your solution for energy savings. Solar control film can eliminate up to a third of your energy costs and dramatically improve the comfort of your home or office. No matter the weather or temperature outside, solar control film can keep you cool and save you money all year long.

How It Works

When sunlight comes into contact with your windows, the heat transfers through the glass and enters your building, causing the temperature to become hotter inside. Solar control film works as a barrier that filters the type of light coming into your windows. Visible light passes through the film but infrared and uv light are kept out. Your building is filled with natural light without gaining unwanted heat. This increases the efficiency of your HVAC system and lowers cooling costs.

The Largest Selection of Energy Efficient Window Film in Dallas

At Window Film Dallas, we carry a wide selection of solar control window film options so you can choose exactly the style and appearance you like. Choose a crystal clear film to preserve your view of the outdoors or opt for a tinted film to achieve a higher level of privacy of your space. Whatever your preference or needs, we’ve got the perfect film for you.

The Benefits

Solar control film keeps energy bills low even when temperatures get high. It offers a whole range of benefits including:
Provides up to 30% in annual energy savings
Offers a full ROI in 3 years or less
Reduces glare throughout the building
Improves indoor comfort
Blocks up to 99.9% of uv radiation

Don’t sweat summer energy bills. Call Window Film Dallas to have solar control window film installed for your Dallas home, office, or commercial building.