With the summer months quickly approaching, Dallas homes are now experiencing hotter temperatures. With so many more homeowners working and staying at home, it’s no wonder that energy bills are higher than normal. Rather than biting the bullet and paying the extra money each month to be comfortable in your home, it’s a great time to find other ways to lower your monthly energy bill. Energy-efficient window film offers a great way to reduce your energy costs while improving the comfort of your residential property.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Film for Dallas Homes

Energy-efficient window film offers an incredible, effective way to reduce your monthly costs. This quicker and more affordable solution to window replacement can be just as effective by adding insulation and solar rejection technology to your windows. With fast installation times and no need for entire renovations, energy-efficient film delivers a great ROI that can be paid back in full with energy savings alone within three years or less. This innovative window film can provide about 10% to 15% savings in the winter and 30% savings in the summer. By eliminating hot/cold spots throughout your property, you’ll experience better comfort and consistent temperatures in every room. Energy-efficient window film often comes with the added benefits of UV protection and glare reduction as well.

Work with Dallas’ Number One Energy-Efficient Window Film Contractors

Window FIlm Dallas is honored to be the number one energy-efficient window film contractor serving the Texas area. We have the most comprehensive selection of energy-saving solutions and would love to help you find better ways of saving money while improving your home. We also offer comprehensive energy audits so you can better understand your property’s energy usage. We’re offering virtual consultations during our normal business hours.

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