Non RF Blocking Films – Liquid Nano Tint for Dallas Government Buildings

February 14, 2022 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film, Commercial Window Tinting, Energy Efficient Window Tint, Window Film Innovations

Window films are a great option for improving energy efficiency. Once in place, the film helps block excess heat and filter out harmful frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum like UV rays. But what if your business relies on radio frequencies and you can’t afford to have transmissions interrupted? For many government buildings, this is usually the case. Don’t worry; Liquid NanoTint can provide the solution for your Dallas government building needs. Continue reading »

Can I Get Clear Energy Efficient Window Film in Dallas or Does It Have to Be Tinted?

July 29, 2021 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

Energy efficient window films have gained a lot of popularity in the last ten years. People are realizing that there are a lot of benefits to window tinting and that they no longer have to rely on curtains or blinds to control heat and glare.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of misconceptions. One of these is that some people think that all window films are tinted. This is, in fact, false. Below, we’ve explored this topic better and discussed clear energy efficient window films in detail.

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Why Window Film is Better Than Low-E Glass For Dallas Homes

July 21, 2020 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

Summers are getting hot lately and people are starting to realize that their air conditioning is not powerful enough to keep their Dallas homes cool.  This is because the real source of heat into homes during the summer is their windows. They are where solar heat comes in at an alarming rate and heats up the air you are paying to cool.  There are two common solutions to this: window tinting or window replacement with Low-E glass.  You may be wondering which one is better for your home.  The answer is likely window film–find out why below.

Window Film Costs Less Than Low-E Glass

Based on RSMeans data, removing dual-pane windows and replacing them with dual-pane Low-E glass will cost you about $40 and $55 per square foot.  Compared to Low-E and spectrally selective window tinting which averages about $9-$30–the choice is pretty clear.  

Window Film is Easier to Install

 New windows are very labor-intensive to install and take a long time to install. Existing windows first need to be removed and oftentimes custom windows need to be created for irregular sizes.  On the other hand, window film only takes about a day to install on almost any size Dallas home.

Window Tinting Offers Added Benefits

Low-E windows and glass work well to cut down on solar heat gain and glare–but that is about it.  Window tinting works fantastically to lower solar heat gain and keep your home cooler but also comes with many other benefits.  It cuts down on glare, blocks UV rays, gives your home a bit more privacy, and turns any window into safety glass!

So, although Low-E windows may be marginally more effective on battling solar heat gain–they are not usually the best choice for most homeowners who want to reduce heating bills and have a quick ROI.

For more information on Low-E and spectrally selective window film, contact us at Window Film Dallas today!

Energy-Efficient Window Film Choices for Your Dallas Home

May 22, 2020 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

With the summer months quickly approaching, Dallas homes are now experiencing hotter temperatures. With so many more homeowners working and staying at home, it’s no wonder that energy bills are higher than normal. Rather than biting the bullet and paying the extra money each month to be comfortable in your home, it’s a great time to find other ways to lower your monthly energy bill. Energy-efficient window film offers a great way to reduce your energy costs while improving the comfort of your residential property.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Film for Dallas Homes

Energy-efficient window film offers an incredible, effective way to reduce your monthly costs. This quicker and more affordable solution to window replacement can be just as effective by adding insulation and solar rejection technology to your windows. With fast installation times and no need for entire renovations, energy-efficient film delivers a great ROI that can be paid back in full with energy savings alone within three years or less. This innovative window film can provide about 10% to 15% savings in the winter and 30% savings in the summer. By eliminating hot/cold spots throughout your property, you’ll experience better comfort and consistent temperatures in every room. Energy-efficient window film often comes with the added benefits of UV protection and glare reduction as well.

Work with Dallas’ Number One Energy-Efficient Window Film Contractors

Window FIlm Dallas is honored to be the number one energy-efficient window film contractor serving the Texas area. We have the most comprehensive selection of energy-saving solutions and would love to help you find better ways of saving money while improving your home. We also offer comprehensive energy audits so you can better understand your property’s energy usage. We’re offering virtual consultations during our normal business hours.

For more information regarding energy-efficient window film, please contact us!

What Are The Best Heat Control Films?

January 30, 2020 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

With so many heat control window films on the market–it is hard to choose. Since they work through different mechanisms like reflection and absorption, they come in a variety of materials. Ceramic, polyester, and metal are the three most common. Also, every major brand has 2-6 selections in each of their series, so that adds even more options to choose from. So which ones are best? Below we picked what we consider to be their best heat control films.

Window Films That Perform Best In The Heat

Enerlogic 35: While reflective films and EnerLogic window films provide saving on cooling by blocking solar heat gain, EnerLogic window film goes a step further. It provides an additional reduction of radiant heat flow through the window from other external sources of solar heat gain. So you save even more on summer cooling bills.

3M Prestige: Many times window films that reject heat for interior temperature control are dark. The Prestige series films are non-metallic and clear. One of the first films to offer clear non-metalized film selections–3M is a brand you can trust to be an effective heat reducer for your windows.

LLumar Dual-Reflective Series: These films are more reflective on the exterior than on the interior giving you clearer views day and night. But that doesn’t mean these films aren’t tough on the heat that hits your windows. Rather, they are specifically suited for application on sunbelt homes.

Hanita OptiLite 75 Xtra: This film uses a subtle blue-colored tint to filter 88% of heat-building IR radiation. Keeping your Dallas home cooler but still letting in plenty of daylight. This “SolarZone Spectrally Selective Film” provides comfort style and blocks 99% of UV rays that cause your furniture and floors to fade.

SolarGard ECOLUX 70: One of the most advanced solar heat reducing products on the market today, ECOLUX 70 lets in 68% of natural light while keeping out a whopping 52% of the sun’s energy. This keeps more money in your pocket during warm and cold months from utility savings

Hüper Optik Therm-X Films: Using a proprietary blend of metals this high-tech film is one of the best on the market for reducing solar heat gain. It allows in a ton of visible but also dramatically reduces HVAC consumption.

Any of these fine films would make a fine choice for your Dallas home to reduce heat gain. To find out which one is best for you, schedule a free on-site window consultation and let Window Film Dallas help you find out.

How Long Does Window Film Last?

August 1, 2019 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

Many residents decide to go with window film rather than window replacement for energy conservation purposes. Since window film costs a fraction of the price and can be quickly installed, it is often a better option for homeowners and business owners. Window film does typically pay for itself in energy savings alone in three years or less, making it a worthy investment. While this does sound like a great ROI, how long does window film last? Are there different factors that dictate your window film’s lifespan?

Various Factors that Dictate How Long Your Window Film Will Last

When it comes to projecting how long your window film will last, there are definitely various factors that come into play. The type of window film installed, professional vs. DIY installation, the orientation of each window/door, and the climate your property is in. Even though all these factors come into consideration, window film warranties across the industry do offer peace of mind. Residential window film is usually under a lifetime warranty. Commercial window film typically falls into a 10-year or more warranty. Professionally installed window film also usually has the perk of a limited 5-year warranty on installation and labor. Since residential window film is warrantied for a lifetime and is a significantly durable product, homeowners can usually expect to get the most out of their investment for decades.

Numerous Window Film Durability Aspects for Dallas Properties

The sole purpose of energy-efficient window film is to reduce glare while rejecting solar heat in order to decrease the total amount of solar hear transmissions. All window film products achieve this goal in two ways– by improving solar heat gain absorption by trapping it inside the window film itself as well as utilizing an external layer to reflect solar heat gain. Premium window film with more advanced solar heat gain technology is able to reflect more heat while reducing the amount of glare inside your home or office. There is a proprietary heavy coating that’s engineered on the outside of your window film that blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV radiation. This provides fade protection as well as minimal solar heat rejection. This coating offers comprehensive durability for your window film, providing a better lifespan overall. Here are all the different factors to consider when estimating how long your window film will last:

Window Film and Glass Type

There are different window film materials that each manufacturer uses to provide energy conservation. Some materials have better durability than others. While a metalized film offers high solar heat rejection, it has moderate durability. There are spectrally selective multilayer films that can achieve similar solar heat rejection with a much higher rate of durability. The type of glass your windows and/or doors are made of will also dictate which compatible window film product is needed. Professional window film contractors will be able to find the right match that optimizes durability.

Climate and Compass Orientation

Window film installed in hotter climates facing west or east will experience the most sun, having a shorter lifespan than north and south oriented window film. Windows facing east and west are the most vulnerable to solar heat gain, making professionally installed window film a better option than DIY. East and west windows offer the best ROI for your investment.

Residential and Commercial Window Film ROI for Dallas Properties

Most of our clients experience an excellent ROI with three years or less of full payback. If the majority of your windows are west or east-facing, you probably will experience an even quicker ROI. Conducting an energy audit is also a great way to forecast ROI of each potential window film product that you’re interested in.

Work with Dallas’ Preferred Energy Efficiency Experts

Window Film Dallas is proud to offer the preferred team of energy efficiency experts for your next window film project. Backed by considerable experience and leading warranties, we’re here to help you get the most out of your window film investment. For more information regarding how long window film can last, please contact us!

Help Control Temperatures inside Dallas Hospitals with Window Film

July 30, 2019 in Commercial Window Film, Energy Efficient Window Tint

You know how the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. Including the sun. Well, not really, but during the summer, it sure feels that way. Sometimes, the summer heat is just too much to bear. Even indoors, it’s hard to escape, especially if the sun is beating down on the window of your hospital.

Hospitals are already warm as it is. With all the nurses and doctors running around, there’s a lot of warm bodies generating heat. If you add the summer sun to the mix, conditions can be quite unpleasant. Both employees and patients may suffer from the discomfort.

The good news is, there’s an easy way to control temperatures inside hospitals. And it doesn’t even require a huge financial investment. By retrofitting the windows of your Dallas hospital with window film, you can maintain a comfortable indoor environment and keep occupants happy.

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How Installing Window Film in Dallas Can Help Your Property Save Money on Energy Costs in 2019

January 8, 2019 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions trying to find ways to save money this year? A great way to save money all year-round is with an energy efficiency solution. This not only helps you save but also lowers energy consumption, helping lower carbon emissions. Installing window film in your Dallas home or business can significantly lower costs while improving comfort throughout your property.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Window Film in Your Dallas Property

Energy efficient window film offers countless advantages in addition to a wonderful money saving opportunity. Window film offers homeowners and business owners a great way to achieve true energy efficiency. Window replacement needs a high time commitment in addition to a considerable financial investment. Window film differs due to the quickness of installation and is available at a much more affordable price. The ROI for window film is substantial as well– many options pay for themselves in just a few short years. Window film also delivers exclusive benefits including glare reduction, privacy options, and UV protection. Block out up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays in order to better defend your property and experience further savings. Energy efficient window film offers numerous different aesthetics as well, letting property owners transform their curb appeal.

Installation Process for Energy Efficiency Window Film in Dallas Properties

Window Film Dallas has some incredible energy efficiency specialists that would love to work with you in your effort to save the most money in 2019. We offer complimentary on-site and in-home consultations in order to better understand your specific property goals and challenges. We work with all the leading window film manufacturers in order to provide you with the perfect energy efficiency solution true to your property.

For more information regarding energy efficiency window film for your Dallas home or business, please contact us!

Keep Your Dallas Home Warm This Winter with Llumar Residential Window Film

December 12, 2018 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

How Window Film Impacts The Temperature of Your Dallas home

Winter in Dallas is almost always a lamb–until it becomes a lion! Meaning, while we live in a fairly temperate climate here in Dallas winter is still chilly here and a time your Dallas home could use a bit of extra protection from it. As it happens, the part of your home that is likely the culprit of causing a chill in your Dallas home during the winter is–your glass windows and door. A ton of heat escapes from these drafty spots all winter long and the cooled air in the summer. So it only makes sense that treating these windows is a good place to start on your goal of staying warm and toasty–and being energy efficient. A good product, to begin with, is Llumar Residential Window Film. It is a powerful, proven technology that is easy on the wallet and a way to accomplish home winterization the right way. Find out why below.

Window Film Insulates A Home’s Glass

Low-E Llumar window film technology is made for temperate regions, just like Texas, that experience all four seasons–but to a lesser degree. It combines insulating and heat-rejecting properties to keep home interiors comfortable while at the same time, reducing energy bills because it acts as a powerful extra layer of insulation on your Dallas home, making single pane windows insulate like double and double pane like triple pane. Best of all, it only costs a fraction of full window replacement.

Window Film Blocks UV Rays, Hindering Solar Heat Gain

By keeping solar heat gain low, window film makes indoor temperatures in your Dallas home more stable and consistent. This results in a comfortable warm home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer. It also means heating and cooling systems turn on and off less often–lowering energy and repair bills. In addition, window films block up to 98% of the UV rays that come into your home, inhibiting your furniture from fading and keeping your skin and eyes safe from harmful UV rays too.

For more information on how to keep your Dallas home warmer in 2019 and beyond, contact us at Dallas Window Film today!

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