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If your business has ever been the target of vandalism, then you know what a pain it can be to deal with. Not only does graffiti just look unappealing, but it can also diminish your profits. No one wants to hang out at some place that’s all tagged up because it invokes questions of safety and cleanliness. But that’s why there’s Mirror Shield. With Mirror Shield, Dallas restaurant, bar, and commercial building owners can easily fight off vandalism and prevent damages caused by graffiti. And not to mention, it’s also a huge money saver.

For most of us, the sight of a clean, shiney bathroom invokes a pleasant sensation. It’s comforting knowing that a restroom is clean and well taken care of by the establishment owners. But to a mischievous teenager or overzealous individual, a clean, shiny mirror looks like the perfect canvas. All one needs is a sharp object and voila! They’ve made their mark and can now go down in history forever.

But for the owners of these establishments, graffiti can cause a serious issue. It looks unsightly and it’s extremely expensive to repair. No business in the world can afford keep constantly replacing their bathroom mirrors, no matter how profitable. That’s why Mirror Shield is the perfect solution. Mirror Shield is a thick, durable film that looks exactly like glass and can be applied directly to your bathroom mirrors to cover up graffiti.

If the film ever gets scratched or tagged, it can be easily and affordably replaced. This is especially important for restaurants in downtown areas of Dallas as well as historic or industrial neighborhoods where business are at high risk of property crime. With Mirror Shield, you can fight graffiti long term and save money.

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Interested in installing Mirror Shield for your Dallas bar, restaurant, or commercial property? Call Window Film Dallas. We’re Graffiti Shield’s number one trusted partner in the Dallas metropolitan area. Call now to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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