Especially during the summer, it can be difficult to keep your energy bills to a minimum in Texas. In July, it’s not uncommon for Dallas temperatures to reach a scorching 98 degrees or higher. And the rest of all this heat is an enormous energy bill at the end of the month.

In fact, one recent study discovered that energy costs account for 5-22% of the average American family’s household after-tax income. On the high end, that’s almost a quarter of annual earnings.

Fortunately, at Window Film Dallas, we have a solution that can help homeowners avoid spending exorbitant amounts of money on energy bills, during both the summer and winter. Window film can dramatically reduce energy costs for your Dallas home.

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How Much Money Does Window Film Save in Dallas?

According to a recent study conducted by WalletHub, the average cost for energy for Texas residents is $283 per month. In comparison to the rest of the country, that number falls somewhere in the middle between the most and the least expensive states for energy consumption. However, during the extremely hot parts of the year, it’s not uncommon for this number to reach well over $300 per month.

With such a high cost of living, it’s no wonder that many Dallas residents are turning to window film as a solution. Studies show that window film can reduce energy costs by up to almost 30%. For those with the average $280 monthly bill, that’s around $80 in savings each month. Added up over the course of the year, that number easily becomes hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars saved.

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Additional Benefits of Window Film

In addition to reducing monthly utility costs, window film can also provide many other benefits for Dallas property owners including:

  • Extended hvac lifetime and improved comfort indoors
  • Protection from 99.9% of cancer causing uv rays
  • Reduced glare and increased natural lighting
  • Privacy, beauty, and more
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Window Film for Your Dallas Home

    Find out today how much money you can save with window film. Call the experts at Window Film Dallas today to discover more about the savings window film can provide for your actual energy bills in Dallas or receive an estimate on professional tinting.

    Mike Kinsey possesses a deep knowledge of the window tinting industry which backed by an extensive background in project management and construction. For the past ten years, Mike has been working as the Operations Manager at Window Film Dallas. He and his team have installed over 250,000 square feet of window film for homes and buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Mike's knowledge of the climate and environmental conditions in which he operates as well as the architectural needs of buildings in the area give him the ability to select the perfect film in every situation. He is well versed in the industry's best practices and is up to date on the latest innovations. On top of his vast product knowledge, Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.