For our customers in Dallas, we design and install a wide range of decorative window films. It’s an ideal way for businesses to promote themselves on their windows or create seclusion within their space. Many potential consumers are unaware that window film for residential Dallas properties may be used just as effectively for privacy or interior decorating. Here are some suggestions on how you may use window film to complement your house décor in any area of the house.

Decorative Window Film For Home Bathrooms

When it comes to decorating hotel bathrooms with window film, one of the most popular uses is for guest toilets. This kind of application is just as useful and feasible for residences in Dallas. Window film may be placed on plain shower glass doors instead of show curtains or actual frosted glass.  You get the same look at a much lower price.  Another alternative is to have us create a design that matches or complements your current décor. In any case, decorative window film is a fantastic accent for any bathroom.

Decorative Window Film for Glass Cabinets In Home Kitchens

In modern or rustic kitchens, glass cupboards are a must-have. However, this sort of design can reveal too much clutter. Clear glass may also be a little boring as a decorative element. Installing decorative window film in your cabinets’ glass is an excellent method to spruce up your decor. Since it can be personalized, you may choose one that matches your personal taste: rustic, modern, french country, and more.

Decorative Window Film for Home Sidelights

Sidelights are beautiful and give any home a sense of class. However, they also allow individuals on your porch or strolling by to peer into your house. It is expensive to replace clear glass with real frosted glass in sidelights. A better option is to have a textured, patterned, or decorative window film applied to your Dallas home’s sidelites. You won’t lose any of the beauty since these films come in a variety of lovely designs as well as personalized ones. Also, you won’t miss out on that lovely natural light because decorative window film allows for high light transmission.

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Mike Kinsey possesses a deep knowledge of the window tinting industry which backed by an extensive background in project management and construction. For the past ten years, Mike has been working as the Operations Manager at Window Film Dallas. He and his team have installed over 250,000 square feet of window film for homes and buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Mike's knowledge of the climate and environmental conditions in which he operates as well as the architectural needs of buildings in the area give him the ability to select the perfect film in every situation. He is well versed in the industry's best practices and is up to date on the latest innovations. On top of his vast product knowledge, Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.