Dallas is filled with a high working population, featuring office buildings throughout the metro area. As more and more collaborative workspaces materialize in Dallas, many businesses are starting to work in the same office space in order to maximize efficiency and save on renting space. Finding a proper privacy solution can be difficult especially when working with limited space. Traditional privacy tinting, partitions, curtains, and other privacy options may make your workspace seem outdated or unwelcoming. Casper cloaking film delivers an innovative privacy solution that can be utilized in many applications throughout Dallas office spaces.

Benefits of Casper Cloaking Film for Dallas Office Buildings

Casper cloaking film, designed by Designex, is a technologically advanced architectural film engineered to completely conceal content featured on any LED screen. This architectural film can be applied to virtually any smooth glass surface, perfect for Dallas collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, cubicles, and more. Outside viewers can only see a blank, black screen, appearing to be off, whenever passing by while internal users can see everything openly. This provides peace-of-mind among employees while promoting productivity and collaboration. Your employees will no longer have to worry about concealing sensitive information but can focus on working instead.

Installation of Casper Cloaking Film in Your Dallas Office Building

Installation is made worry-free and easy by our team of local window film experts. Casper cloaking film is available in 16 different designs and finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect aesthetic for your Dallas office. We provide free in-office consultations to better analyze your privacy issues and project goals. Our team utilizes premium, commercial grade glass primers to ensure improved product life and making your investment tamperproof. We always focus on limiting unnecessary operational downtime for any commercial project.

For more information regarding Casper cloaking films for your Dallas office building, please contact us or call: (972) 665-7461