Dallas Is a Busy Transportation Hub

The Dallas-Fortworth metroplex is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. As people learn about climate change and decreasing oil, public transit is a more popular option. DART East and West Transit Center service thousands of downtown Dallas commuters in populated downtown areas from Lamar Street to the Arts District.

Dallas also houses the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, one of the busiest airports serving 70 million passengers, a new record set in 2017. While security threats are unpleasant to think about, as the city grows and services increase, so does the need for increased protection. Bomb Blast window film can protect transportation hubs from the worst damage.

How does Bomb Blast Window Film Protect You?

Bomb Blast window films are a highly specialized type of window film carefully designed to reduce the risk of injury from flying glass fragments. If an explosion were to occur, unprotected glass quickly turns into dangerous shards. According to studies performed by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (http://www.cpni.gov.uk/advice/Physical-security/ebp/), flying glass is responsible for 95% of all injuries in an explosion. The special bonding materials in bomb blast window film hold glass together to reduce risk to the general public after an unfortunate incident like an industrial explosion, natural disaster, or criminal damage.

The two most important attributes of bomb-blast window film are tear resistance and flexibility. Products like 3M ULTRA series anti-shatter window films are designed to do more than just protect against a break-and-enter situation. Created from thinner and more elastic laminates, these protective window films can expand to help glass flex, absorb the blast, and lastly prevent fragmentization of glass shards.

Window Film Dallas Can Meet Dallas Window Protection Needs

Unfortunately, no transportation center or airport is impervious to security threats. Depending on the severity of the crisis, there is no window film or measure that can be taken when there is a high impact force that might decimate entire city blocks. However, in the case of a security threat, bomb blast window film is a preventative measure that reduces damage and impact to create as best case scenario as is possible.

Watch the video below for more info on bomb blast window film

Window Film Dallas has been serving the Dallas metropolitan area with high customer service and expert quality window film installations. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff can offer more information about bomb blast window film and other window treatment services. Contact us today for a free consultation on how you can better protect your city from natural and security threats.

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