Smash-and-grabs is a common crime in Dallas, offering burglars a quick and easy target. With the fast nature of these crimes, security systems usually aren’t triggered until the glass is smashed. This makes it extremely difficult to catch burglars guilty of this crime– even with surveillance cameras. Unless cameras catch the perpetrator’s license plate, chances are prevention will be tough. Security window film offers the best deterrent for smash-and-grab robberies.

How Security Window Film Prevents Smash-and-Grab Robberies in Dallas

Safety and security window film works by adding extreme strength and flexibility to your existing glass. With an attachment system and glass strengthening agent in place, gaining access to your property becomes extremely difficult. Safety and security window film adds significant time and difficulty for assailants and burglars to actually break through. While there is nothing on the market to completely stop someone from gaining access through your glass doors and windows, security film is the next best thing. The ample amount of time added to breaking through the glass in addition to the loud commotion caused is often deterrent enough. When a burglar realizes how difficult and loud it is to break in, they usually move on to their next smash-and-grab target. For those persistent enough, the additional time gives police a better chance of catching them.

Security Assessment for Your Dallas Store

Window Film Dallas is honored to provide in-depth security assessments for local businesses and storefronts throughout our community. Work with one of our security experts to find the best product recommendations as well as tactical installation options to get the most out of your money. Other window film benefits are available with security film too, providing extra money savings and improved buyer experience.

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