Violence is, unfortunately, a part of the world we live in. While violent incidents can take place just about anywhere, schools represent some of the most tragic cases. School security film gives Dallas students and staff a way to stay safe and avoid danger when violent incidents occur.

Safety Concerns Prompt Dallas Schools to Invest in Security Window Film

Schools are extremely vulnerable when it comes to acts of violence because they have minimal defense mechanisms at their disposal. Unlike retail locations or finance centers that have security guards, students and staff go about their day unarmed. Shooters and terrorists view them as easy targets.

And unfortunately, the situation for schools has only gotten worse in recent years. School violence is on the rise nationwide. That’s why so many schools today are turning to security window film in Dallas.

How Security Film Protects Staff & Students

Security window film is a type of passive defense system designed to protect buildings by guarding the most vulnerable part of their exterior – windows and glass panes.

Glass Strengthening

Security film can be installed on glass entrances, skylights, glass walls, interior glass partitions, and ordinary windows. Once in place, it works to actively strengthen the glass and increase its shatter resistance. By doing so, security window films help keep staff and students safe during emergencies that could result in glass-related injuries or fatalities.

Anti-Intrusion & Ballistic Resistance

Intruders who try to break in through a window are delayed by the film. Even if they manage to create a few cracks, the film holds the glass together, making forced entry extremely difficult. What’s more, there are specialized types of security films that can protect against severe dangers like bombings and shootings. Ballistic-resistant and bomb blast protection films are ideal options for schools seeking advanced security.

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