The number of attacks on public buildings in the US has increased greatly over the past few years. Schools, churches, concert venues, and night clubs have all become targets. Terrorists look for any place where people gather in crowds in order to make their mark. For this reason, there is a growing concern about the safety of public spaces.

Many building owners are turning to more advanced methods of security, like ballistic resistant window film, to keep their property safe. Ballistic resistant window film provides Dallas stadiums, concert venues, and public buildings with a way to protect people and property from violence and prevent personal injury.

An Alternative to Tempered & Bulletproof Glass

In a busy environment like a sports game or concert, it’s easy for someone to get hurt. If someone slips on a puddle near a water fountain or bar area, they can fall and send their foot right through a window. That’s why modern building codes today require tempered glass to be used for windows located near water or moisture. But, there’s one big problem with this option. Tempered and bulletproof glass are expensive.

Window film offers a more cost-friendly alternative to bulletproof glass and tempered safety glass. Install ballistic resistant window film in your Dallas concert venue or stadium to prevent injuries, theft, and even damage from natural disasters.

Save Lives & Protect Your Business

Aside from accidents, stadiums and concert venues face one other major safety threat: armed intruders. With just one shot fired, terrorists can break through glass entries and gain immediate access to a building. Entries, windows, and vulnerable areas need to be secured with some sort of safety mechanism.

Ballistic resistant window film provides a way to protect your stadium or venue from unexpected dangers like shootings and explosions. Installing the film on entrances and large glass surfaces can help protect patrons and staff from gunshots and provide extra time for people to flee to safety.

Get a Quote on Ballistic Resistant Window Film in Dallas

Protect your staff, patrons, and business. Contact Window Film Dallas to have ballistic resistant window film installed for your Dallas stadium, concert venue, or public building, or get a quote on installation services.

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