How Window Film Impacts The Temperature of Your Dallas home

Winter in Dallas is almost always a lamb–until it becomes a lion! Meaning, while we live in a fairly temperate climate here in Dallas winter is still chilly here and a time your Dallas home could use a bit of extra protection from it. As it happens, the part of your home that is likely the culprit of causing a chill in your Dallas home during the winter is–your glass windows and door. A ton of heat escapes from these drafty spots all winter long and the cooled air in the summer. So it only makes sense that treating these windows is a good place to start on your goal of staying warm and toasty–and being energy efficient. A good product, to begin with, is Llumar Residential Window Film. It is a powerful, proven technology that is easy on the wallet and a way to accomplish home winterization the right way. Find out why below.

Window Film Insulates A Home’s Glass

Low-E Llumar window film technology is made for temperate regions, just like Texas, that experience all four seasons–but to a lesser degree. It combines insulating and heat-rejecting properties to keep home interiors comfortable while at the same time, reducing energy bills because it acts as a powerful extra layer of insulation on your Dallas home, making single pane windows insulate like double and double pane like triple pane. Best of all, it only costs a fraction of full window replacement.

Window Film Blocks UV Rays, Hindering Solar Heat Gain

By keeping solar heat gain low, window film makes indoor temperatures in your Dallas home more stable and consistent. This results in a comfortable warm home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer. It also means heating and cooling systems turn on and off less often–lowering energy and repair bills. In addition, window films block up to 98% of the UV rays that come into your home, inhibiting your furniture from fading and keeping your skin and eyes safe from harmful UV rays too.

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