School safety is an issue that has been on everyone’s mind over the past year. Changes in gun laws, mental health concerns among children and teens, and population growth have led many educators and parents in Dallas to become concerned about the safety of school and college campuses.

As a result, many schools have turned to new security methods as a way to protect campuses from intruders, vandals, and violent events. And one of the strategies that they’re adapting is the use of safety window film. Safety window films help Dallas schools protect against dangers by strengthening the glass panes in doors, windows, and skylights.

Standard films are used for break in protection, but more advanced films offer an even higher level of security, protecting against bomb explosions, 100 mph winds, and other severe dangers. Studies show that some of these high level security films are so effective that they may even be able to protect against gunshots.

The Epidemic of School Violence in the U.S.

History has shown that schools in the US are high risk for violence and terrorist attacks. In 1927, 38 students were killed in an explosion at an elementary school in Bath Township, Michigan. 13 lives were lost in the 1996 event in Columbine, Colorado. In 2012, 26 individuals died in a shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The list of events goes on and on.

It’s no wonder that so many parents are filled with fear at the thought of sending off their child to their first day of school. And after the number of incidents that occurred last year, it’s clear that campus safety matters need to be readdressed. Something has to be done to change this unfortunate pattern of events.

How Safety Window Film Can Make Dallas Schools Safer

Studies show that intruders almost always gain access to a building through an entrance or window. By smashing the glass, an intruder can slip inside in a matter of seconds. And once they’re in, there’s no telling what they’ll do next.

That’s where safety window film can help. Safety window film can make Dallas schools safer by strengthening vulnerable points of entry in schools like doors and windows.

And it can protect against other dangers too. By installing safety window film in science labs, schools can contain chemical explosions and limit the damage. And safety films can also strengthen windows in hallways and skylights that pose a serious risk during severe weather like floods and hurricanes. Some schools are even using certain safety window films that allow gunshots to be fired out but not in to strategically create areas that security guards can use to protect students when an intruder is on campus.

Learn More About the Benefits of Safety Window Film

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