The Dallas ice storms are predicted to be bad this yeat but you wouldn’t know it from the heat we have right now. However, that chill is for sure on its way; so while it may be hard to think about fall home improvements right now– it is actually the perfect time.  You can start by doing some research right here and now. Because as it happens, window film is one of the best improvements as a barrier against the cold weather. And it saves you money too. Add on an ROI in about 3 years and the fact that it makes you Dallas home more comfortable and you have a winner.  But how do you decide which climate control window film is right for your Dallas home this upcoming winter? We have some advice on that and to help you get started we have outlined 3 of our favorite winter window films to keep out the chill. 

Professional Picks For Cold Weather Window Films

  1. 3M Thinsulate: 3M Thinsulate is one of the most powerful home window films on the market when it comes to climate control.  It both keeps at bay and traps in warm air A four-season film, 3M Thinsulate makes for incredible insulation for your Dallas windows. Meaning it excels at retaining the air you pay to heat while keeping the chill of winter out.  Plus, you get the amazing benefits of a solar film too– like glare reduction and UV Protection.
  2. EnerLogic 70: This notably energy-efficient window film stands up to Dallas’s cold air and looks spectacular too. Since the visible light transmission of this film is about 70%, you will get plenty of lovely natural light. But it this film is more than just a pretty face–It excels at blocking cold air from seeping in.  One of the best films for saving money, Enerlogic 70 can reduce heating costs by as much as 10 percent in cold weather climates and save 33 percent more energy in winter than other films. 
  3. SolarGard: Ideal for colder climates, SolarGard window films are perfect for homes that use more heating than cooling throughout the year.  Designed to do more than just control the sun’s rays, it seals in the air you pay to heat during the winter months. Even when temperatures get downright fridged, SolarGard window film keeps the cold at bay and heat from escaping. Plus, it helps protects your furniture from fading.

 To learn more about the films above that are tough on cold air or other winter weather window film suggestions contact Window Film Dallas today!

Mike Kinsey possesses a deep knowledge of the window tinting industry which backed by an extensive background in project management and construction. For the past ten years, Mike has been working as the Operations Manager at Window Film Dallas. He and his team have installed over 250,000 square feet of window film for homes and buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Mike's knowledge of the climate and environmental conditions in which he operates as well as the architectural needs of buildings in the area give him the ability to select the perfect film in every situation. He is well versed in the industry's best practices and is up to date on the latest innovations. On top of his vast product knowledge, Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.