An Affordable Solution To Elevator Graffiti In Dallas

If you manage or are the owner of a commercial building here in Dallas with an elevator, you likely have already had a run in with graffiti.  If not, consider yourself lucky since it is a frustrating and expensive problem to have. Vandals used to target the exterior of buildings almost exclusively but now seem to be moving to more areas indoors–especially those that are hard to monitor like elevators.  Whether it is because they are easier targets or their marks simply stay longer because of the expense of removal, we can’t say for sure. What we can say is– stay after being vandalized, meta elevators are expensive to repair. This is because, each and every affected metal panel must be removed, replaced and buffed/or to match the unaffected panels.  This also takes a very long time and means extended downtime for your building’s elevator. However, Metal Shield is a workaround to full elevator panel replacement and every bit as effective. What’s more, it protects you against another attack. Read on to find out more about it!

Metal Shield: Protect Elevators From Graffiti Of Every Kind

As mentioned, elevators are very hard to monitor.  When your elevator becomes a target for vandals, the damage can be astounding.  Slap stickers, acid graffiti, scratch graffiti and the good old fashioned spray paint or markers–are all way vandals leave their unsightly marks.  However, Metal Shield, 6-mil thick graffiti film, stops these attacks from taking such a huge toll by acting first to cover the graffiti (costing 10x less than replacing the metal panel) and next to act as a sacrificial layer against future attacks.  The best part is, it matches the metal panel ’s original, clean appearance 100% and is a cost-effective way to deal with graffiti. The concept to both obscure existing graffiti and provide protection against another attack- a win-win for commercial building owners here in Dallas.

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Window Film Dallas For Your Elevator Graffiti Solution

Since elevator graffiti is nearly impossible to avoid and remediation is incredibly expensive, Metal Shield is the smart choice for  Dallas commercial investors who want to take protection into their own hands. Let us work with you to find graffiti solutions for your  Dallas property by contacting us, at Dallas Window FIlm, today!

Mike Kinsey possesses a deep knowledge of the window tinting industry which backed by an extensive background in project management and construction. For the past ten years, Mike has been working as the Operations Manager at Window Film Dallas. He and his team have installed over 250,000 square feet of window film for homes and buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Mike's knowledge of the climate and environmental conditions in which he operates as well as the architectural needs of buildings in the area give him the ability to select the perfect film in every situation. He is well versed in the industry's best practices and is up to date on the latest innovations. On top of his vast product knowledge, Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.