What is the best window film for cold weather?

September 4, 2019 in Aggrigate, UV/UVB/ RF Blocking Window Tint, Window Tint Pricing

The Dallas ice storms are predicted to be bad this yeat but you wouldn’t know it from the heat we have right now. However, that chill is for sure on its way; so while it may be hard to think about fall home improvements right now– it is actually the perfect time.  You can start by doing some research right here and now. Because as it happens, window film is one of the best improvements as a barrier against the cold weather. And it saves you money too. Add on an ROI in about 3 years and the fact that it makes you Dallas home more comfortable and you have a winner.  But how do you decide which climate control window film is right for your Dallas home this upcoming winter? We have some advice on that and to help you get started we have outlined 3 of our favorite winter window films to keep out the chill. 

Professional Picks For Cold Weather Window Films

  1. 3M Thinsulate: 3M Thinsulate is one of the most powerful home window films on the market when it comes to climate control.  It both keeps at bay and traps in warm air A four-season film, 3M Thinsulate makes for incredible insulation for your Dallas windows. Meaning it excels at retaining the air you pay to heat while keeping the chill of winter out.  Plus, you get the amazing benefits of a solar film too– like glare reduction and UV Protection.
  2. EnerLogic 70: This notably energy-efficient window film stands up to Dallas’s cold air and looks spectacular too. Since the visible light transmission of this film is about 70%, you will get plenty of lovely natural light. But it this film is more than just a pretty face–It excels at blocking cold air from seeping in.  One of the best films for saving money, Enerlogic 70 can reduce heating costs by as much as 10 percent in cold weather climates and save 33 percent more energy in winter than other films. 
  3. SolarGard: Ideal for colder climates, SolarGard window films are perfect for homes that use more heating than cooling throughout the year.  Designed to do more than just control the sun’s rays, it seals in the air you pay to heat during the winter months. Even when temperatures get downright fridged, SolarGard window film keeps the cold at bay and heat from escaping. Plus, it helps protects your furniture from fading.

 To learn more about the films above that are tough on cold air or other winter weather window film suggestions contact Window Film Dallas today!

How Much Does Window Film Cost?

August 14, 2019 in Aggrigate, Window Tint Pricing

The potential clients we speak to, here in Dallas, are considering window film for any number of reasons. Solar control, glare reduction, improved security are all reasons they come to us but when push comes to shove– they want to know how much it is going to cost. We get that. The cost of any home improvement is something any homeowner has to think carefully about before embarking on a project. Everybody wants to make their money go as far as you can and happily, with window film, you do. For this reason, we here at Dallas Window Film, are so transparent in our pricing (see our window film pricing chart here). We also have seen first hand, just how cost-effective window film is compared to other home improvements. Window film solves many of the same problems relating to windows or energy use–but does it for less. With a fast ROI and continuous savings thereafter, window film is well worth its already low cost. To understand how window film stacks up cost-wise to other home improvements read below.

Window Film Costs Compared To Low-E Replacement Windows

The US Department of Energy reports that 25 to 35% of energy wasted in buildings is done so by way of inefficient windows. This is likely why many of our potential clients are thinking about replacing their inefficient windows with Low-E models. Window film is a workaround for energy-efficient window film replacement. It makes windows incredibly energy-efficient–pound for pound doing a better job than even a three-pane window. Replacing windows is expensive too–about $300-$1000 per standard-sized window. Even more expensive–Custom windows. Things like double pane windows, irregularly shaped windows and Low-E coating windows could get as high as $5000 each. While the cost of Low-E window film, with (comparable emissivity) starts at $20 p/sqft and has a lot of other benefits. Meaning, potentially every window on your home could be covered with window film for less than one custom window. More compelling, window replacement requires a very high initial investment and a long time for an ROI–typically 20- to 30-years. Window film is only about 2-5 years.

Window Film Costs Compared To Custom Blinds

Glare reduction is something blinds solve but cost quite about and really only do one thing–block light. They are something that many homeowners invest quite a bit in–especially when compared to window film. Any cheap blind is usually not worth the cost: they break easily, are not made to fit big or irregular shaped windows and are not attractive. The cost of a mid-range blinds starts at about $150-$200 per window. But upgrades for aesthetics and improved function usually put the cost $1,000 per window. Installation is also a factor homeowner run into costing about $80-$250 to install. Our cost for glare-reducing window film is $9-18/sq foot and film to fit most irregular windows does not cost extra. Also, glare-reducing window film doesn’t just block out light, it filters it–blocking harmful UV rays but letting in natural light and the views. 

Window Film Costs Compared To Security Systems

Just like a security system, window film is a theft deterrent. When a would-be thief attempts to break a window to get in, the glass shatters but stays in place. This means they need to use numerous blows to penetrate it and get into your home. When they run into security window films, most thieves move to easier targets rather than risk more noise and getting caught. The average cost of having a security system installed is about $695 but can range up to $1850. There is also the cost of the security equipment which ranges from $319 and $1,119. Even more expensive long term, security systems require a monthly subscription which for a service could be upwards of $100 per month. With security window film, you have only one price–$8-$16/sq ft. (*upgraded attachments systems cost $2-5 p/Lin Ft). And with security window film you don’t pay each month but save on utility bills.  

Savings on Utility Bills For a Fast Window Film ROI

The average American household spends at about $2,200 on utilities each year, and half of that money is spent on heating and air conditioning. Window film lowers this spending year after year. In fact, window film could save you up to %30. Plus, after it is paid off in as little as 2 years, it begins putting money back in your pocket. This is why after the 3rd year of having window film on their homes, our former customers will tell you window film is practically “free” because it has already paid for itself on their homes. We agree because we have window film on our homes and have seen the savings first hand. 

Why The Cost of Window Film is Lower Than Nearly Any Home Improvement

As you can see, window film is a cheaper but no less effective way to improve your home in the areas listed above. And the savings you get from window film save you money right from the start. In fact, with one film you get most, if not all of the benefits listed above: glare reduction, energy efficiency, and security–but all in one film. This is further proof that with window film you simply get more value.–something every Dallas homeowner loves.  

Dallas Window Film For Your Home’s Window Tinting

As the Dallas real estate market grows and grows, now is the perfect time to improve your home. But don’t waste your hard-earned money on multiple improvements– choose one, choose window film. Reach out to us here at Dallas Window Film to go over your film options with you. We have a large selection of premium window films of all types. Also, decades of experience helping clients like you and installing it. Contact us to schedule a free, on-site evaluation of your Dallas home windows today!