An Alternative To Full Mirror Replacement Due To Vandalism With Mirror Shield

Mirror Graffiti–is ugly and all too common of a site here in Dallas: restaurants, schools, malls, stadiums and government buildings are all places mirror graffiti is rampant.  Furthermore, it is impossible to remove from a mirror’s surface without damaging the mirror. So, once a mirror is marked is pretty much ruined. This is because, even when you remove the marks, you are still left with scratches and a loss of clarity on the mirror– it will simply never be the same and needs to be replaced.  A very expensive prospect right? Not when you use Mirror Shield! This perfectly reflective, mirror finish film changes everything and provides an affordable option for mirror graffiti repair. It allows you to battle existing or repeat vandalism of the mirrors in your Dallas commercial property and our commercial clients are very happy with the results.

What is Mirror Shield And How Does It Protect My Dallas Property?

Mirror Shield is a fully reflective 6mm thick film that is simply placed over an existing mirror to obscure accumulated graffiti.  It is opaque and therefore covers any and all of the marks on your mirrors: scratch, paint, acid or otherwise. They look crystal clear once more without the need for total replacement.  Sadly, mirrors are hard to keep an eye on because they are often in bathrooms, which are too private to fully monitor. This means that vandals have plenty of time to use spray paint, markers,  stickers and even acid! After a mirror is vandalized it is rendered useless but replacement of mirror features is expensive and often hard to find and order. This makes mirror graffiti an expensive problem for Dallas commercial building owners.  Mirror shield makes things easy– it simply covers the defaced surface for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, the work is complete in less than an hour. So, your bathroom will look good again and fast. Responding right away stops more graffiti from accumulating on your mirrors too.  Like other Graffiti Shield products, Mirror Shield is only removable by a trained professional like those here at Window Film Dallas. Also, Mirror Shield never leaves any adhesive residue behind.

Watch the video below for more information:

Mirror Graffiti Removal In Dallas

Here at Window Film Dallas, we are certified to install Mirror Shield and other Graffiti Shield products and offer custom Graffiti Shield solutions as well.  Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our revolutionary Graffiti Shield line.

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