How Metal Restoration Benefits Dallas Commercial Spaces

If you own a commercial space here in Dallas, then you likely already understand how expensive of a problem graffiti can become.  It not only takes a toll on your wallet but your community reputation as well, which could end up costing you more money through loss of potential tenants. Graffiti on metal finishes, in particular, illustrates this point.  When your elevator, metal vents, or panels are “tagged” with unsightly graffiti, the damage is long-lasting, costly-to remove and requires extended downtime for the affected area. Metal Shield for metal restoration, however, is a fantastic solution for graffiti on metal spaces here in Dallas and one to consider should vandals strike your property,

How Metal Shield Benefits Commercial Properties After Vandalism

Metal Shield Lowers The Cost Of Metal Restoration

The cost of refinishing metal features in Dallas commercial spaces is very high.  This is because the graffiti often has to be sanded off and the entire panel or panels replaced.  This cost can get up into the tens of thousands of dollar range for something like elevator graffiti removal.

Metal Shield Lowers The Down Time From Metal Restoration

Replacing metal features in commercial spaces is a time-consuming affair.  The area is often down or being disrupted by workers for up to a week or more.  Metal Sheild for metal restoration in Dallas commercial spaces takes only 1 day.

Metal Shield Completely Covers Metal Graffiti Damage

Sometimes, even when graffiti is sanded off, the metal panel looks different than the other panels or even unsightly with sanding scratches. Since Metal Shield is a thick film that is applied over the graffiti to completely obscure it, it is barely, if at all, noticeable.

If you need metal restoration on your Dallas commercial investment, contact us at Window Film Dallas for an estimate on the cost of Metal Shield surface film today!


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