Summers are getting hot lately and people are starting to realize that their air conditioning is not powerful enough to keep their Dallas homes cool.  This is because the real source of heat into homes during the summer is their windows. They are where solar heat comes in at an alarming rate and heats up the air you are paying to cool.  There are two common solutions to this: window tinting or window replacement with Low-E glass.  You may be wondering which one is better for your home.  The answer is likely window film–find out why below.

Window Film Costs Less Than Low-E Glass

Based on RSMeans data, removing dual-pane windows and replacing them with dual-pane Low-E glass will cost you about $40 and $55 per square foot.  Compared to Low-E and spectrally selective window tinting which averages about $9-$30–the choice is pretty clear.  

Window Film is Easier to Install

 New windows are very labor-intensive to install and take a long time to install. Existing windows first need to be removed and oftentimes custom windows need to be created for irregular sizes.  On the other hand, window film only takes about a day to install on almost any size Dallas home.

Window Tinting Offers Added Benefits

Low-E windows and glass work well to cut down on solar heat gain and glare–but that is about it.  Window tinting works fantastically to lower solar heat gain and keep your home cooler but also comes with many other benefits.  It cuts down on glare, blocks UV rays, gives your home a bit more privacy, and turns any window into safety glass!

So, although Low-E windows may be marginally more effective on battling solar heat gain–they are not usually the best choice for most homeowners who want to reduce heating bills and have a quick ROI.

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Mike Kinsey possesses a deep knowledge of the window tinting industry which backed by an extensive background in project management and construction. For the past ten years, Mike has been working as the Operations Manager at Window Film Dallas. He and his team have installed over 250,000 square feet of window film for homes and buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Mike's knowledge of the climate and environmental conditions in which he operates as well as the architectural needs of buildings in the area give him the ability to select the perfect film in every situation. He is well versed in the industry's best practices and is up to date on the latest innovations. On top of his vast product knowledge, Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.