In a big city like Dallas, hotels are a dime a dozen. The key to running a successful hotel and beating the competition is finding ways to make your hotel stand out. By incorporating decorative window film into your Dallas hotel, you can boost your curb appeal and provide your guests with a memorable experience.

Decorative Window Film: the Latest Modern Design Trend

Decorative window films are taking off in the world of interior design. Stylish, affordable, and easy to use, it’s no wonder that so many professional designers and architects love to work with decorative film. Decorative window films offer an easier, more affordable alternative to traditional décor like wallpaper, custom glass, and paint. The installation process is extremely simple so building owners don’t have to deal with the mess or hassle of clean up or expensive structural changes. Additionally, decorative films are much more versatile since they can be cut into different shapes and sizes and they’re also removable.

Beautiful Ways to Add Decorative Window Film to Your Hotel

In a hotel, you want to create a feeling of luxury and sophistication. People come to a hotel tired and weary. They’re looking for some place they can escape to and relax. By using decorative window film in your hotel, you can create an upscale look that appeals to the expectations of your visitors. Here are some of our favorite ways to use decorative window film in hotels:

1. Frosted film for glass walls & room dividers
Adding a frosted film to glass walls or room dividers is an easy trick that can quickly boost the ambiance of a room. Frosted films are subtle, yet alluring and can also help establish a feeling of privacy.

2. Privacy film for showers and restrooms
Decorative window film is great for adding a splash of color to places like restrooms and shower areas. Opt for a privacy film in one flat color to create an ultra modern looking shower or go bold with a patterned film that matches the theme of your hotel and adds depth and texture.

3. Custom graphic film for front entrances
Decorative window films can also be custom produced to display a special graphic or lettering. This gives hotel owners the ability to add a custom film to entrances to display their business name or logo, which is great for increasing brand visibility.

Explore Decorative Film Options

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