As the global population continues to grow, so does the number of buildings that pose a threat to wildlife. Bird glass collisions are one of the devastating consequences of urban expansion, and cause millions of birds to die in the U.S. each year. These accidents occur when birds unknowingly fly into reflective windows and glass doors that they mistake as their natural habitat. And while it’s true that humans need buildings to work and live in, it’s hard to ignore the fact that we’re entirely to blame for so many unnatural deaths.

If you’re concerned about the increasing number of bird strikes happening in Dallas or are simply looking for a solution to keep birds away from windows, then this article is for you. Below, we’ll discuss bird safety film, a collision-preventative measure recommend by the American Bird Conservancy.

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How to Get Rid of Birds Hitting Windows

On the spectrum of things, birds are fairly intelligent creatures. They communicate well, have good memories, and can even solve complex problems. The fact that they collide with windows has nothing to do with their intelligence. In fact, most of the time these glass collisions happen when birds are doing something completely natural – looking for a shady place to land.

It’s us humans that are the cause of the issue. We’ve built our homes and buildings in birds’ natural habitats. Windows are foreign objects to them and they aren’t used to dealing with them. This is especially true in new cities that have popped up in recent years.

So when it comes to the issue of how to get rid of birds hitting windows, it’s important to understand that we’re the problem, not the birds. Therefore, it’s our problem to solve. Luckily, it’s a fairly easy one to fix. All we have to do is install bird safety window film.

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What Is Bird Safety Film?

Bird safety films, sometimes referred to as window decals for birds, are one of the best bird crash preventers available today. They’re basically large adhesive films that can be installed on exterior glass surfaces.

They work by disrupting reflections and causing windows to appear more obvious. Some do this by using a subtle pattern while others are simply dotted with tiny perforations that display light. Either way, they’re one of the most effective ways to prevent bird glass collisions. In fact, they’re even recommended by the American Bird Conservancy.

Get more information by reading this brochure: Bird Safety Film Specs and Benefits

Learn More About Bird Collision Film

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