The Power to Stop Bird Strikes is in Your Hands

October 20, 2022 in Aggrigate, Bird Safety, Commercial Window Film, Window Tinting Benefits

More and more people are becoming aware of the gruesome issue of bird strikes against windows of homes and commercial buildings. If you have ever seen one, you know how terrible it can be. These collisions occur far too many times a year, not to mention all around the world.

Birds hitting windows is a much bigger problem than many people realize, as it often leads to the bird’s death. With every collision, fewer birds are left alive, which could eventually lead to extinction.

Why the Problem of Bird Strikes is Growing in Dallas

Fritted window film is a readily available solution that could help reduce bird strikes in new buildings. More and more housing and commercial structures are being built in Dallas every day, which means more chances for birds to collide with windows. Although stopping new building projects is not an option, fritted window film could help mitigate the problem.

What is Fritted Window Film?

Fritted films are bird strike prevention films that work by creating a barrier between birds and windows. These special kinds of window film have tiny patterns embedded in them, usually consisting of horizontal and vertical dots or lines spaced about 2-4 inches apart. Although these patterns are not very visible to humans, they are highly visible to birds, who then avoid flying into the window as they would with any other solid object.

Applying a window film solution to the windows of your Dallas structure not only saves the lives of birds but also has other benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Added security
  • UV protection
  • Design and decoration
  • Added window installation

Fritted Window Film Contractor in Dallas

By using bird strike prevention film, you can do your part to save the lives of birds at a low cost. This method is more affordable and simpler than others when it comes to preventing birds from flying into windows. Request pricing information and book a free consultation with us today!

How to Prevent Bird Collisions With Window Film In Dallas

November 20, 2020 in Aggrigate, Bird Safety

Bird/window collisions are the cause of billions of tragic avian deaths each year. They are horrible to see and harm the environment. They also cost high-rise buildings here in Dallas and across the globe millions of dollars each year in damages. As it were, stopping these collisions benefits both parties–buildings and birds. But once you know these collisions need be prevented–the next question becomes–how? Read more on this below.

US Fish and Wildlife Services Best Practices For Reducing Bird Collisions on Windows

Good: Installing Architectural Features to Reduce Bird Window Strikes

One way to help stop bird-window collisions is to have building designers use features such as overhangs, shutters, louvers, mesh, and awnings on the architecture of buildings. This reduces glass reflections and makes windows more apparent. These types of designs also reduce a bird’s visibility of things behind glass–stopping them from accidentally trying to fly through the window. However, this option is very expensive and not great for an existing building–it is best utilized for building new construction.

Better: Controlling Lighting to Avoid Bird Collisions

Eliminating or reducing unnecessary lighting is an easy way to cut down on bird strikes with high rise windows. Another benefit of this method is that it also lowers energy costs for building owners. But, the efficacy of this approach depends on how compliant every office or tenant in the building is to these protocols. Another drawback is–you can’t do anything about sunlight causing reflections during the day, so it is only very effective and less so during the day. 

Best: Fritted Window Film for Stopping Bird Collision into Windows

One of the best solutions for reducing and possibly even eliminating bird collisions are specialty window films. These films use a type of pattern called fritted work best. This means a small dotted gridlike pattern is embedded in it. This pattern is spaced based on scientific studies. These studies have shown that birds will not try to fly through this type of pattern because they see it as a solid object– rather than open sky. It is also an extremely cost-effective option and one that is nearly invisible to the human eye at a distance. What is really convenient about these films is that they can be easily retrofitted to any window.

For more information on these amazing bird decal films for your Dallas Highrise–contact us at Window Film Dallas today!

How to Stop Bird Collisions In Your Dallas Home

September 24, 2020 in Aggrigate, Bird Safety

Bird collisions often happen all the time on highrise buildings. But, they also occur on homes here in the Dallas area and across the US too. That’s right, depending on where you live here in Dallas, you as a homeowner may have experienced birds flying into your home windows. If this has happened to you, you likely know how gruesome it is too. It almost always kills the avian involved and sometimes damages home windows too. Happily, there are ways to lessen or avoid these sad run-ins all together–the most effective of which is bird deterrent window film.

Ways to Make Windows Visible to Birds

Making windows visible to birds is the way to keep them from flying into glass. This is because the birds cannot distinguish the reflection of the sky in a window from the sky itself. Below are a few ways to do this and make your windows avian safe.

Use Paint or Soap: Paint the outside of your Dallas window with soap or “tempera” paint. Make the pattern a tight one– 4 inches by 2 inches and have some fun–be creative and paint a fun, bright pattern.  

Use Decals: Stickers, sun catchers, masking tape, and even sticky notes put on the surface of glass will be somewhat effective. They need to be spaced close together–so the spaces between the decals are too narrow for birds to try to fly through.

Put up “Zen” Curtains:  Also called, Acopian Bird Savers, these are basically closely spaced ropes that hang down over windows. They do the same things as decals, make the window visible but are more attractive and easier to install. 

Install Screens:  Mosquito screens that go over your windows are very effective when placed on the outside of windows. 

Install Netting:  By covering your Dallas home’s glass with netting (hung about 3 inches from the glass, you essentially set up the crash net for birds to bounce off of. This is a strategy that takes a lot of time and effort to get correct.

So which one of these methods is the best?

None of them. While these DIY solutions to home bird strike prevention are somewhat effective–all of them have their pitfalls. Besides being incredibly time consuming and likely expensive–all of them drastically affect the look of your window. For the very best bird strike prevention for your Dallas home’s windows bird deterrent window film is the only answer.  

Bird Deterrent Window Film is:

  • Nearly invisible to the human eye
  • The most effective at stopping bird/window collisions
  • Cost-effective and installed in one day

If your primary concern is stopping birds from flying into your Dallas home’s windows and not altering the appearance of your windows–bird deterrent window film is the solution you are looking for. 

Contact us at Window Film Dallas today for more information on these amazing bird-saving films!

How to Keep Birds Away from Windows

August 7, 2020 in Bird Safety

As the global population continues to grow, so does the number of buildings that pose a threat to wildlife. Bird glass collisions are one of the devastating consequences of urban expansion, and cause millions of birds to die in the U.S. each year. These accidents occur when birds unknowingly fly into reflective windows and glass doors that they mistake as their natural habitat. And while it’s true that humans need buildings to work and live in, it’s hard to ignore the fact that we’re entirely to blame for so many unnatural deaths.

If you’re concerned about the increasing number of bird strikes happening in Dallas or are simply looking for a solution to keep birds away from windows, then this article is for you. Below, we’ll discuss bird safety film, a collision-preventative measure recommend by the American Bird Conservancy. Continue reading »