Window Tinting For Lower Bills From A/C use in your Irving Home

Well, there is no denying it–summer has come to Texas if you couldn’t tell by the rising temperature–the slew of new fun activities probably gave it away.  Summer is great in Texas and in Irving, it is no different.  There are always a ton of people out and about doing any one of the many summer activities that you can’t find any other time of the year. Things like farmers markets, baseball games, concerts and more abound around this time of year.  While the outdoor activities are fun and enjoyable, something that is not fun is the constant need for A/C in your Irving home and the corresponding bills.  That’s right, in summer time Texas gets extraordinarily hot and there isn’t much you can do about that.  However, there is a way that you can keep your purse protected from the sudden spike in utility costs for your Arlington home and that is to have window tinting installed.  At Dallas Window Tinting we have seen window tinting lower our client’s bills year after year and your home is not exception

How Does Window Tinting Keep My Irving Home Cool?

Window Tinting is something every home in Texas needs.  While we will leave the high science to the scientists.  Here are 3 ways that window tinting works to keep your Irving home cooler and keep your energy consumption low.

Reduction In Solar Heat Gain:  As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, window film blocks UV rays through glass and regulates the levels of heat

Insulation: Window tinting acts as an additional layer of insulation, stopping cold air from escaping.

Reduced Load On Hvac Systems:  The less your cooling systems need to work to keep the air in your home cool, the longer they will last and the less maintenance they will require–saving you money.

Window tinting is a cost effective method to fight against the incredibly hot Irving summers. However, it is imperative you choose the right window tint for the job.  At Window Film Dallas, we can help you find the right window film for your home and budget.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation and get started on a cooler summer today!