Non RF Blocking Films – Liquid Nano Tint for Dallas Government Buildings

February 14, 2022 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film, Commercial Window Tinting, Energy Efficient Window Tint, Window Film Innovations

Window films are a great option for improving energy efficiency. Once in place, the film helps block excess heat and filter out harmful frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum like UV rays. But what if your business relies on radio frequencies and you can’t afford to have transmissions interrupted? For many government buildings, this is usually the case. Don’t worry; Liquid NanoTint can provide the solution for your Dallas government building needs. Continue reading »

The Evolution Of Window Films In The Past 50 Years

December 3, 2017 in Window Film Innovations

Window Films Of Yesterday Vs. Today

For over 50 years, since its inception, window film has been changing and evolving to fit new aspects of our daily lives. And, truth be told, each new iteration makes our modern lives better. This is because the window tinting developers are constantly expanding their research, coming up with new uses, application methods and problems to solve with window film–sometimes not even for glass at all. In fact, now, window film products work on nearly any flat surface for a broad spectrum of protective uses. All and all, it has come a very long way since the days of thick, dark, plastic sheets applied to only glass windows and that means a better quality of life for those who have window film applied on their home or business. In the 10+ years, that we, at Window Film Dallas, have been providing Dallas with window films and tints we have seen a number of new products with more valuable benefits than ever before.

Privacy Window Tints With Perfect Clarity

Many of the privacy films from the early days, also blocked the view from inside homes and commercial buildings. Oh, how things have changed! Today’s window tints offer many lights to dark range options, many of them, with no loss of clarity whatsoever. Advances like reflective tints and full or partial frosted or textured glass film have turned window film into something elegant and beautiful too.

HD Decorative Films In Dallas

Decorative window film has come leaps and bounds in the last 50 years and is a great way to add a unique interior design element to not only glass surfaces in your home or office–but any flat surface as well. It is also, more affordable than ever. The new designs are often minimalist and monochromatic and with the advent of HD graphics, give a beautiful high-end appearance, with no sign of an overlying film at all.

Daylight Redirecting Films In Dallas

Daylight redirecting is one type of window film that is far more advanced than it’s predecessors. This ingenious window film actually redirects the sun rays deeper into buildings so the spaces that need it most get it and the areas directly in front of windows aren’t overwhelmed. All and all this creates more comfortable and consistent light levels through the use of innovative window film science.

For more information on today’s modern window films and how they can increase your quality of life, contact Window Film Dallas today!